You may have gone through a lot of videos/articles that claim to increase you weight within one week by eating banana with milk but is this the truth ??

Now lets breakdown the fact that how do we gain weight/muscle. Gaining weight and gaining muscle are to completely different thing.You may gain weight by gaining fat or you may gain weight by increasing muscle mass.

Now lets consider a skinny guy of 50 Kg who wants to gain weight. We may first calculate his daily calorie expenditure on maintining that weight , i want go into exact figures but lets consider 1700 Calories, Now this is the amount of calories he requires to maintain his weight.

In order to gain he needs to be in calorie surplus, Now this is where the banana and milk theory comes in , I have provided the calories and nutrient facts below.

  • 2 Banana -180 calories ( P-2.2gm , C-45.6gm,F-0.6gm)
  • 1 glass fat free milk(400ml)- 121 Calories( P-10.0 gm, C – 19.1gm, F-0.1gm

This comes upto roughly 301 calories , now considering following this diet twice a day , you may increase your calorie intake by 602 Cal. Being in calorie surplus the body will either use it in the form of energy or convert the carbohydrates into fats and the protein into muscle., whic leads to your weight gain.

Conclusion: Yes you do gain weight by adding banana and milk in your diet but it largely depends on the other meals you are taking. If you are not in calorie surplus your weight won’t increase but if you are maintaining a balance diet and adding banana and milk to it too you will definetely gain weight.




Many people claim that they feel worn out,exhausted , weak, or have little energy throughout the day. Its an ongoing cycle that they can’t seem to break out of. You might also be dealing with low energy.There can be many reasons that is causing this feel of lack of energy.


One of the biggest reason for lack of energy may be your lack of sleep. people. Your body needs rest to properly recover from your workout sessions or daily work. As the muscles are not able to recover your body goes into a state of weakness and fatigue. Moreover during sleep testosterone hormone is released ,we know it is No.1 male hormone,Any reduction in testosterone levels may lead to low energy levels.


You are also more likely to be stressed,When you are in stress our body releases cortisol hormone( stress hormone) ,this hormone indirectly effects our testosterone levels making your body feel low. Constant stress can easily wear you out and absolutely drain your energy throughout the day.


You may be consuming only simple carbs, carbs and sugar will only provide you with energy for a short period of time as simple carbs are easily digested by the body. Moreover simple carbs increases the blood sugar level making the body prone to diabetes.
So you are better off eating healthy complex carbs, enough protein, healthy fats, and fiber.Complex carbs are slow digesting and will serve you energy continuosly keeping you energetic for the whole day.


Sitting too much and not exercising enough can also lead to fatigue and less energy. When you exercise, nitric acid is released from the artery linings to allow blood to move freely through your vessels, which acts as a carrier to get more nutrients into your cells.By moving more your body will respond by providing the body with energy as per its requirement.

Intermittent fasting and its benefits

What is intermittent fasting ?

An eating pattern where you cycle between eating and fasting. Intermittent fasting is not about what food to eat and what to avoid but its when you should eat them. Most of the diet plans restrict where the calories come from.

Intermittent fasting involves cycling between eating and fasting.In essence, this refers to fasting for about 16 hours, and eating for about 8 hours.

Research links intermittent fasting to benefits including:

• weight loss

• Improved health

• Increases HGH levels.

• Reduce blood pressure and blood sugar levels

Apart from its primary benefit i.e weight loss , In this article we will discuss the top six potential benefits of intermittent fasting on our health.

1. Easy to avoid junk food

It is super easy to avoid junk food, as you will feel satisfied for the major part of the day. This is due to the fact that you will be eating large quantum of food and satisfying meals. It is a great way to manage hunger and avoid junk food addiction.

2. Reduce Levels of insulin

Studies have shown that you will be able to boost your metabolism short term, and lower your insulin levels in the long run by intermittent fasting .Reducing levels of insulin will make it easier for the body to use stored fat.

3. Increase in HGH levels

Human growth hormone, or HGH levels of the body are dramatically increased .Higher HGH levels boost muscle building,repair of damaged tissues,boost metabolism and burn fat. HGH also benefits the quality and appearance of skin.

4. Lowers down the blood sugar and blood pressure

There are evidence and studies to back up the fact that intermittent fasting lowers down the blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

5. Reduce risk of type 2 diabetes

Research suggests that intermittent fasting could have a variety of health benefits. For example, intermittent fasting may reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

6.Healthy heart

Intermittent fasting may reduce bad cholesterol, blood triglycerides, blood sugar and insulin resistance — all risk factors for heart disease. This all leads to a healthy heart and less prone to heart disease.

Why you are still skinny and struggle in building muscle ?

You may be working your ass off in the gym following strict workout schedules but still not getting any results. Don’t let yourself down,there may be many reasons that you are not achieving your muscle building goal. In this blog we will discuss the major reasons that are preventing most skinny guys to gain muscle.

Not taking enough calories.

Without sufficient calories and nutrients you cannot build muscle. If you’re not gaining weight you’re not eating enough.
Simple!. Your body needs good food to repair back those torn muscle tissues .If you are not feeding your body with macros you won’t see any changes.

Not challenging your strength

One of the best indicators of muscle gain is increased strength. If you are not getting stronger overtime you are not getting bigger. This doesn’t mean you always have to add weight. It could be more reps at a given weight, more sets at a given weight,controlling the lowering phase more, moving the bar faster, improving your mind muscle connection at heavy loads.

You need to work hard in the gym. You are trying to force the body to adapt to rigorous workouts. Your body is smart it will build new tissues to make your muscle stronger and able to lift heavy weights.

Researches suggest that training volume is correlated to muscle gain. You should aim to do more training volume overtime. I suggest you to keep track of your training volume i.e How many reps you did,how many sets you did, how much weight you handled per set. Keeping track of your training volume will help you in self evaluating your strength levels. Strength follows size and vice versa. Keep training logs and this will surely help in achieving your body goals.

Muscle gain takes time.

Muscle building takes time and requires patience. You cannot expect to get huge within days. Stay focused and have small goals and achieve the. Most of the guys seek results within 1 month of gym but muscle building takes time. Consistency in your workout and diet will surely benefit you in long term and help you in gaining muscle mass. Just enjoy the process and keep going.

What are BCAAs ?

The BCAAs are made up of three essential amino – leucine, isoleucine, and valine. They are essential because the body is unable to make them out of other amino acids, meaning they must be ingested through food or supplements.BCAAs are usually taken in order to boost muscle growth and reduce muscle fatigue after exercise. There are evidence that BCAAs also helps in weight loss and increase the endurance levels of an athlete.

What is the use of BCAAs?

When the body is under stress, BCAAs act directly on muscle cells and promote protein synthesis ,the higher the protein synthesis rate the more will be the muscle growth-the goal of all bodybuilders. BCAAs also help prevent protein catabolism (muscle breakdown) by acting as a readily available fuel source for muscles during intense workout sessions.

Benefits of BCAAs ?

BCAAs has so many benefits :

– It enhances muscle protein synthesis leading to higher muscle growth,however BCAAs need to be backed up with high protein diet to harness its full benefit.

– Leucine-enriched BCAA’s equalise muscle building between old and young

-BCAA’s increase fat burning and can support fat loss support hormone balance during intense training.Fat loss is goal of many and BCAAs act as a catalyst to the weight losing process.

-With use of BCAAs you may see improvement in your strength with time. Athletes involved in strength training take BCAAs to achieve there strength goals,Moreover BCAAs reduce the muscle fatigue which helps an athlete to push the body to the next level.

-Enhances endurance, performance and decreases fatigue.

– Muscle soreness after an intense workout session is pretty common .You may not feel to workout the next day due to this soreness. BCAAs reduce the muscle soreness ,so you are ready for the next intense workout session.

-Your body start using muscles as fuel instead of fat when you are doing long duration exercises. BCAAs prevents muscle loss during long-duration exercise.

–BCAAs improves insulin health and may reduce diabetes risk

-BCAA’s correlate with longevity and are therapeutic

When to take it ?

1) First thing in the morning – Stops breakdown of muscles from the nightlong fast and boosts your energy.

2) Before workout – Energy boost & muscle strength.

3)Intra workout- Prevent Muscle loss, Increase Endurance, delays Muscle Fatigue, increase workout intensity, protein synthesis, muscle strength.

4) After workout- muscle recovery, muscle growth.

5) Between meals – Energy boost, reduce hunger.


Spot reduction is one of the biggest myths in the weight loss community. You cant just choose an area to lose weight. Fact is that the stomach area is the hardest place to lose fat for most of us.

One of the biggest misconceptions in the fitness
world today is the belief that you can reduce fat in specific areas of your body by targeting them with exercise. Well you can’t. Proper nutrition will lead the way when it comes to loosing that extra fat. Exercising and weight training will definitely accelerate the process of loosing weight/fat loss, but you have to take care of your eating habits,How much macros you take,the amount of carbs,proteins and fats you are consuming.

For mens usually fat gets accumlated at lower abs/love handles, the lower chest, or lower back.
However for women, it’s usually thighs, glutes, hips, and under arms where the fat gets stored.
Unfortunately, this is all simply due to genetics and how the body displaces body fat differently for men and women.

Is it possible to spot reduce?

Not really. Doing crunches and tons of ab exercises won’t make your abs show, or else you’d see many overweight people with a six pack. When you lose body fat it will come from
different areas, but we can’t control it. What we can control is building muscle in those areas to help speed up the process. Abs are the biggest area l see that people think they can crunch
their way into having abs. Remember that abs are muscles and they can grow, if you overdue the ab training your waist may get wider.


You can’t reduce fat in any particular area of your body by targeting it with exercises, You can reduce fat by proper dieting, and your body
will decide how it comes off (which areas will become lean frst and which will be stubborn). Our bodies are all genetically programmed
differently, and there’s nothing we can do to change that. We all have our “fat spots” that annoy us to no end, and that’s just genetics for you.


Will drinking alcohol frazzle your fitness goals or drinking it once a while ok ?

Everything in excess is harmful for your body. Over consumption of even healthy beverages will do more of harm to your body than doing any good. Most of the people consume alcohol whether it may be in moderation or in excess. Now the question is , If an individual has some serious fitness goals ,will the consumption of alcohol effect his/her goals.

Lets first breakdown the nutritional value of alcohol.Alcohol is made by fermenting and distilling natural sugar and starch. Alcohol is high in calories but calories we get from alcohol are ‘ empty calories ‘ i.e they have little to no nutritional value. Studies indicate that alcohol also contain vitamins and minerals but the quantum of it is so low that they don’t add any significance to our diet.



Your body cannot store alcohol like it stores carbs or fats. When we drink alcohol it is quickly absorbed by our small intestine and goes straight to our bloodstream. Our body prioritize the absorption of alcohol and puts other digestive processes on hold. Consumption of alcohol holds the digestive process and slows down the absorption of the valuable macro nutrients making building up of fat on liver.

Alcohol itself contains empty calories , Moreover it can impair a body’s ability to absorb nutrients and minerals from the food we eat. Alcohol effects our gastrointestinal tract and damage the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.


Alcohol effects our central nervous system directly. Our body requires time to recover from alcohol. It takes 2-3 days for our body to recover completely from the after effects of drinking alcohol. Since the alcohol consumption reduces your reflex control it effects your performance during workouts. Working out is a more of muscle and mind connection , If you lack concentration during a workout session it will definetely effect your results.


We know testosterone is the no 1 hormone for male responsible for both muscle building and fat loss and sex drive. Alcohol reduces your testosterone. If your testosterone is low , you will not be able to loose weight and build muscle. Testosterone is the primary hormone responsible for hair growth,bone health,sex drive and muscle building. Low testosterone will hamper your fitness goals.

Consumption of alcohol is also linked to increase in the levels of stress hormone i.e cortisol which indirectly lowers down the testosterone levels of the body.


Alcohol does reduce your sleeping time as it makes you feel drowsy. You may have good sleep in the first half of night but this effect wears off in the second half reducing your overall quality sleep time. Without adequate sleep our body won’t be able to perform at its optimum levels. A quality sleep is necessary as a good sleep can help boost your ,memory, concentration,increase testosterone and muscle recovery.


Studies have shown that consumption of alcohol reduces the rate of protein absorption in body. We know that the protein is the building block of muscle and is required after intense workout sessions. Since the body’s ability to absorb protein is reduced , there will be delay in the recovery of muscle fibers that have been damaged during workout.


You may have had a hangover and dry mouth after partying last night , it is due to lack of water in your body. Alcohol dehydrates your body. Proper hydration is key to regulating your body temperature and efficient central nervous system. Alcohol consumption can cause overheating of body and increase in the heart rate. As training and workout performance is affected by the performance of your heart, it could prevent you to achieving your fitness goals.


Alcohol is not totally bad ,you can consume alcohol in moderation, once a week is totally fine. If you have some serious fitness goals moderation of alcohol is necessary as its consumption delays the time our body takes to achieve the goal.

Hope the article was helpful !


HELPS BUILD MUSCLEAvocados are not extremely rich in protein, but the protein present in them is of very high quality. The biological value of proteins present in avocado is extremely high. Avocados have all the eight essential amino acids needed to build your body tissues,hormones and antibodies.


Avocados have a decent amount of fiber. Studies suggest that soluble fiber reduce down LDL cholesterol or the so called bad cholesterol by reducing the absorption of cholesterol in blood stream.


Avocados are rich in vitamin C which contributes to the formation of collagen in the skin which promotes healthy skin.The lutein and zeaxanthin present in avocados are carotenes . Lutein and zeaxanthin are powerful antioxidants that can improve your vision as well as skin health. Carotenes, have good quality of oils and vitamin E, these work together to keep your skin young and healthy.


One of most significant benefits of Avocados is its being rich in fatty acids , Fatty acids are crucial in maintaining healthy reproductive and central nervous system and cognitive functioning.High fat containing foods have other additional benefits such as it reduces stress and promotes hormone balance.


Avocados contain more potassium than bananas, Potassium helps in reducing the high blood pressure which is a cause of various other life taking diseases such as heart attacks ,strokes and kidney failure.


Avocados are low in carbs and high in fiber both these attributes contribute to loosing weight. Studies have shown that individuals consuming avocados feel more satisfied and have lower desire to eat for 4-5 hours compared to individuals not consuming the same.